Can I access ISP Cloud via a web browser?

ISP Cloud is a web-based management system, which basically allows you to access it from anywhere in the world using any browser you prefer over an internet connection. You’ll simply have to log into your account with your username and password to work with the data. However, for Internet Explorer users we recommend IE 9, or above, as certain functionalities may not be available on prior versions.

Do you offer reports as part of the ISP Cloud?

An integrated reporting system allows creating new reports, and editing existing reports in ISP Cloud, simple view, view with charts, and download in Excel functionality. The reports get the data directly from the SQL Database.

How much does ISP Educational Solutions Management System cost?

The costs for ISP Cloud may vary depending on the number of modules, portals, and functionalities that you need for your school. Please keep in mind that we’ll beat any competition with a 5% discount. As for the cost itself, you can start as low as a few hundred dollars/year, and go up toward a few thousands dollars/year, based on the number of students you have, modules you want active, and the number of users. For a free custom quote and consultation, please contact us today.

Is all the data (including back-ups) hosted in Canada?

You school’s database back-end, as well as the daily back-ups, are hosted on Canadian soil at the following address: 151 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 2N1.

Is ISP Cloud OS agnostic? Can it run on Windows/OSX/iOS?

Due to the fact that the ISP Cloud itself is web-based management system, it’s compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MAC. You can simply open it in the browser you want to use with the ISP Cloud. However, there may be slight differences on how the interface looks on different browsers.


Is it user friendly? How much user training does it require?

ISP Cloud is user-friendly and intuitive, automating a variety of functionalities to make your job easier.

For an ISP Access Database user the transitions from Access to ISP Cloud would be smooth, as the ISP Cloud replicates the Database functionalities. In that regard, if an upgrade is required, there will be an easy upgrade and a minimum training necessary as the ISP Cloud provides for the user a similar experience with Access. 

For both Access users, or new users, the ISP Cloud makes your job easier. The web application has an organized and intuitive structure, allowing the user to add, view or edit the necessary information for students, agents, or host families. Training a new user may depend on the knowledge of the user itself, but the interface allows easy usage. It behaves like an app which enables you to work with information and view reports.